Mommy & Me Fantasy Session

Have you thought about doing a Mommy & Me Fantasy Session? These are some of my favorite types of sessions. Basically, I get to be the photographer that brings your (or your child’s) imagination to life. I had the privilege of doing this for Mae and her daughter Indie earlier this year. It was truly a magical day but that was only the beginning of the magic that was waiting to happen for their shoot.

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Indie is a huge fan of Disney’s Frozen. She knows which songs she likes best and really, what she likes best of all is when her mommy sings along with her as they pretend to be queens over their icy domain. I so enjoyed listening to them sing their hearts out as we captured the basic images to be used in their fantasy session.

First thing we had to do was create the right look. Mae has been doing hair and makeup for stage for a long time. She did a great job with the braids for both her and Indie that are similar to Elsa’s from the movie. Grandma Michelle found the dress for the little Elsa. The dress for Mae to wear came out of my vintage closet full of fantasy dresses. Grandma also had the crowns because you can’t be a queen without a crown, right?

Then we headed to the park on a bright, sunshiny day and sang and played and walked. One of the highlights was when a couple of little girls came up to Mae-Elsa and asked where she came from. Staying in character, she responded with “Arendelle” as Elsa from the movie ruled over that country. The little girls ran away giggling and amazed.

Afterwords, we took a very happy but tired little girl back to her home and then the real work began. Because a sunny park in San Diego is not at all close to where Elsa walked. Instead, she walked with ice and snow and cold, cold weather. These images are the result of that day and the ensuing period of work.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and as much as Indie-Elsa does.

Mommy & Me Fantasy SessionMommy & Me Fantasy Session

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