Living as Joy Filled Beings

We all know how to live WITH joy but how do we live as joy filled beings? What does that take and are there steps we have to take to make that possible?

Today I choose joy

Let me start with a story. You see, there is a woman whom I see nearly every day. She walks down the street I drive when talking my children to and from school. I have never met her. I do not know where she lives or what her name is. But every time I see her, she is smiling and she makes eye contact with me even though she is walking and I am driving. Take this morning for instance. I was a little earlier than normal and so hadn’t seen her yet and was almost to my turn off. But there she was, just about ready to cross the street. She would have waited for me but I waved her across and her face lit up with joy and light and it was like she exuded love for all mankind from her very pores.

I want to be that way. To exude joy and love from my pores. But how does one go about doing something like that? I don’t know exactly but here is what I plan to try in my efforts to find out:

  1. Smile more and bigger and deeper.
  2. Let my smile start not just on my face but in my heart.
  3. Make eye contact with others, even strangers, so I have a reason to smile.
  4. Help others, even just a little bit, every day.
  5. Remember that there is joy in all things if I choose.
  6. Live with courage and faith that others are also good.

Will this be a successful venture? Only time will tell but it seems like a good place to start. Then maybe one day I will have the courage to stop and talk to this woman who inspires me so much and tell her how much she has meant to me these last few months while I have been going through a dark time in my head.

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Some things already bring me joy – here are just a few.

  1. my children
  2. reading
  3. Jane Austen movies
  4. flowers, especially roses

I’m sure there are things which bring you joy which are different than mine. Would you share them in the comments?

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