Senior Sessions

Senior Sessions are crafted around the dreams and goals that have already been met for high school seniors as well as a look forward to the dreams they still have.

This once in a lifetime experience looks at the whole person – what they have accomplished, what they are proud of, what makes them special, their hobbies and their future dreams. Sports and music and awards that have been won can easily be accommodated with these sessions. Pets and art and theater are also able to be added.

There will be glamour added as well. Especially for ladies, the option to have your hair and makeup professionally done is highly recommended. This will help to make sure you look as perfect as possible for these images you will be looking back on for the rest of your life.

This session will last two to three hours because it includes so much of life that has already happened as well as future dreams. There will be multiple outfit changes – from casual to formal to sports/hobby and whatever makes you comfortable. We are likely to travel to several different locations as well – the field at your high school, the location where you perform your hobby (riding lessons, etc.), your home and/or the place you feel most comfortable.

My goal is to capture the real you, the one that means the most to you and your family and friends. To show the depth of your personality and dreams. To create memories your children and grandchildren will look back on and love you all the more for having been who you are today.

Even though most people don’t really like being in front of a camera, senior sessions are not the time to be shy. This is when you need to shine out the light within you and let it be captured.