Family Sessions

Why are Family Sessions important to me?

Everyone has a family. We wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t had a mother and a father at some point in time. Not all of us know our biological parent(s) and sometimes, we know them but don’t really want to claim them. Sometimes our friends become our family and mean as much to us as blood relatives do, or even more.

I grew up with a huge extended family – some blood, some not, all much loved. I have almost no pictures of large groups of us, not because we didn’t have pictures taken but because those pictures were stolen many years ago. In our family we had siblings, step-siblings, half-siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, step-parents and step-grandparents. We also had my favorite uncles who still have no blood relation to any of us but remain my favorites (with apologies to the rest of you). I remember hearing stories of the family reunions on my Granny’s side of the family where there would be several hundred people gathered across multiple generations to shoot the breeze and tell tall tales about back in the day. How I wish I had been old enough to go to one of those. I think the last one was held the year I was born.

But I still know their stories because there are pictures and written histories to look back on. Albums and albums full of memories that make us smile and chuckle and cry and laugh and that are always worth knowing.

This is why I believe in capturing your family memories and preserving them with heirloom products designed to last for your future generations to see and touch and smile and laugh over. Because your story is the most important story in your life and it out to be preserved and shared.