Childhood Fantasy Photography

What exactly IS Childhood Fantasy Photography?

This question took me a long time to work through and sort out. What I wanted to do was learn how to take a child’s imagination and turn it into reality. I read a lot of articles. The one that kept popping up for me was the window cleaners at a children’s hospital that dressed in super hero costumes. I decided that if adults could do that, how much better would it be if the child(ren) in our lives was able to do that?

The children could have their own story boarding time where they let the photographer know what their imagination was capable of. Then as a photographer, I take that story board back to my office and put together a plan to make this reality.

I have costumes and props for boys and girls (though, honestly, I have more for girls than for boys but I do have light sabers and swords and wizarding wands that the boys always seem to like). I have princess dresses and crowns, capes and fur coats, jewelry and scarves – lots of different ways to dress up your child(ren) and let them be who they are in their imagination, at least for a day.

Once we have the actual session done, I take the images and transplant them from a studio setting to a castle in a faraway land, to a cave where they are fighting a dragon, to a beach where merpeople swim, to anywhere they want to be and do and go. Even to outer space if they want (I have a NASA jumpsuit in my costume collection).

So really, what it comes down to is that childhood fantasy photography is the ability to bring your child’s imagination to life and provide a memory that will last a lifetime for them and for you.