The Dress Closet

Have you ever wondered where the magical dresses come from? Easy. The Dress Closet. Well, actually, there are 5 of them. Yes, you read that right. I have 5 closets full of dresses in various sizes and styles – mostly on the more formal edge and more for teens and adults than children but it’s all there. White and black, pink and purple, size zero to 18+, pouf balls and sleek columns, tulle and lace and all kinds of beautiful materials.

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Why do I do this? Well, partly because I can, partly because I love fancy dresses, and mostly because I absolutely believe every child is a member of royalty and deserves to have at least a few hours where they can see and feel that status for themselves. Every girl is a princess – they might be a cowgirl but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a rodeo queen, an engineer can still be a fairy queen, an architect often enjoys the structure of a formal gown – and so therefore every girl deserves the opportunity to explore her royal side. Every boy is a prince or a knight – he might be into robotics or astrophysics or want to teach languages to high school students but he is also royalty and deserves the chance to live his ultimate dreams, even if he’s not likely to end up living on Mars.

Calling this The Dress Closet is a bit of a misnomer, though certainly there are lots of dresses involved. But there are also ties and scarves and jewelry and tiaras and velveteen crowns and leis and capes and wands and swords. Six swords in 2 colors with 3 sizes in each of the colors. Also a small dagger with a faux carved gold handle that’s amazing. So many other little tidbits here and there are involved. But the biggest thing is that once you decide on a theme, we can choose a dress/outfit, accessories, and get an idea of where you want to be in your photos.

Paris? Big Ben? Disneyland? Rapunzel’s castle? Mars? The Ice Castle of Arendel? Niagara Falls? Tell me what you want – we shoot both on location and on a white or black screen so that you can be where your imagination takes you. What about singing in the snow? Take a look at this before and after shot:

Dress Closet

How many of you would like to be photographed in the sun but have your final image place you in the snow? Sure is a lot warmer that way.


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