Copyright Information

All copyrights to the images produced by Hall of Dreams Photography and/or Jennifer Hall and/or any other photographer working for or on behalf of Hall of Dreams Photography are reserved to the benefit of Hall of Dreams Photography and Jennifer Hall.

Any use of any images beyond that granted in a print release for purchased (non watermarked) digital files requires specific written permission.

The images produced by Hall of Dreams Photography are protected by Federal Copyright Law (all rights reserved) and may not be reproduced in any manner without Photographer’s explicit written permission. Client may not edit or change the images in any way. This includes applying filters in any social media application, editing in your own software, changing the size or shape of the final image, the addition of text or any other change that renders the image different from what was delivered to you. The Client must also obtain written permission from and compensate Photographer prior to the use of such photos in contests or any other activity that creates a profit for the Client. The Client will be held responsible to the full extent of the law if the Client or their friends and relatives sell the images of Photographer for profit or violate Federal Copyright Law through the misuse of the images.

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