I Believe …

I believe you that should know what makes your photographer tick and to that end, here are a few tidbits of things I believe, things that make me who I am today and shape who I am becoming for the future.


I believe

… that family is the most important part of life, regardless of how your family is made up, because without family we wouldn’t be here.

imaginary friends aren’t just for childhood and sometimes they are your BFF even as an adult.

books are magic devices that can transport you to far-away places and times whenever you want to travel (preferably daily).

Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most amazing people in world history because she knew when to bend and when to stand strong.

… dressing up isn’t just for proms and weddings but for everyone who wants to feel special.

… in wearing lace every day.

… reading makes you smarter, even if you only read fiction.

… music from the 1980’s and Broadway shows is the best music there is except that live music of any genre is better.

… that live theater is the best way to experience any show.

Star Trek TNG was the best series of the franchise and I can’t wait to watch the next one.

… the 5 hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice is the best version ever filmed or shown. Because Colin Firth. Duh.

Earl Grey tea should be served lukewarm with honey.

I also believe I have some of the most amazing people in my life as family, friends and clients.


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